maandag 11 juli 2011

'Four degrees and beyond': on the threshold...

"Don't blow it... good planets are hard to find!"

De wereldwijde CO² en andere broeikas gassen uitstoot en herkomst (en de link waar ik 'm vond)

There is now little to no chance of maintaining the rise in global mean surface temperature at below 2°C, despite repeated high-level statements to the contrary. Moreover, the impacts associated with 2°C have been revised upwards (e.g. [20,21]), sufficiently so that 2°C now more appropriately represents the threshold between dangerous and extremely dangerous climate change.

... model projections from the IPCC, (our) best estimate is that the A1FI emissions scenario would lead to a warming of 4°C relative to pre-industrial during the 2070s. If carbon-cycle feedbacks are stronger, which appears less likely but still credible, then 4°C warming could be reached by the early 2060s in projections that are consistent with the IPCC’s ‘likely range’.

The big picture and potential ramifications is painted at : (a few of the abstracts cannot be freely accessed here; google the title and get the PDF's elsewhere free)

A "comforting" thought: the "same" people that brought us here and gave us NUCLEAR POWER plants are now planning (experimenting?) GEO-ENGINEERING! Think we should trust them, again?

What's next: we push earth into a wider orbit around the sun? :-(

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