dinsdag 9 april 2013

(Personal) Tipping point.

a Tipping Point somehow seems a fitting description, as what transpired in/after the weekend has *everything* to do with climate change!

In the sixties and seventies we worried that we might someday make this world largely uninhabitable for millennia by triggering a Nuclear Holocaust but at the same time we largely ignored the Holocaust we were working on diligently on to this very day: Climate Change! And, if we continue "business as usual" - as we seem hell bent on doing! - it might take Nature more than a MILLION years to return to the pre-industrial temperature- and greenhouse gas levels.

Over the past two years, while working as a "small cog" in the government of our Province I've collected and collated ever more alarming facts and figures. And I could not escape to notice that almost all of politics is understating the urgency of this impending disaster in their communication with the people they say to represent.. "Let's do continue Business as Usual!" At least, that's how it feels to me!

EVERY DAY we postpone urgent reforms of our economy, our society, will cost us dearly: in money later needed in "mitigation", in  loss of bio-diversity, in rising loss of human lives and soon in loss of "Human Habitat"!

Unfortunately I found myself aligned with a political party that - although it seems to see the problems - does not want to "rock the boat" too much, perhaps in fear of losing votes? Irony perhaps: the party that gave me an opportunity at a political function made me open my eyes more than ever before and in doing so, lost me.

So I've realigned myself (or become a turn-coat, however you prefer to look at it?!) and joined the Partij voor de Dieren (the party for the Animals) as they are the only ones to openly tell the voters we're on the wrong road; the road to all sorts of ruin!

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